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Making a choice in the management of you healthcare is one of the major decisions you will ever have to make. The media propaganda makes it seem that you have no choice. That there is only one path, one that leads to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. Is that the path you really want to follow or is there a more natural path? One that understands you, your pains, your emotions, your needs – one that recognises you as a person and not as a disease name. Greek Medicine Practitioners offers you that CHOICE.

Everyone is different and usually has a different reason for their illness. Traditional Greek Medicine (TGM) does NOT assign a “disease” name to a collection of signs and symptoms or a test result. For many patients the “disease” name becomes a death-sentence which they often carry with them until they leave the earth. The patient loses their individuality and becomes the “asthmatic”, the “diabetic” or the “rheumatic”. These names do NOT exist in TGM which is a patient-centred rather than a disease-centred healthcare system.

The Consultation

When you enter the Asklepion Centre you will be asked to complete a medical history form which outlines your current problems and a history of previous illnesses and their treatments. This is important for the doctor to understand the path that has led you to your current problem. If you have any problems completing the form there is always an assistant to help you.

Once the form is completed you will be asked to meet the doctor to discuss your health issues. Don’t worry is there are any language issues – again an assistant is always with you to help with explaining your problem to the doctor.

Depending on your health issue the doctor will advise you about the various tests and examinations he feels necessary to understand the cause of the problem and the treatment protocols necessary to resolve the problem.

Hippocratic Medicine recognises that each person is unique and each has a “doctor within” which Hippocrates called “Physis”.

When you cut yourself, eat foods that disagree with you, shiver when you’re cold or perspire when hot, Physis is working 24/7 to keep you healthy and balanced.

So what has happened to Physis now I am ill?

Physis is ever present in the body and only leaves the body when you leave. However sometimes there is a “blockage” which stop Physis from restoring you back to health. This often happens after emotional conflicts which have not been resolved, suppressive pharmaceutical drugs which have not treated the underlying problem, surgery and scars, toxic loads from chemicals in our food, water, cosmetics, allergies (both hidden and expressed), environment and more..

Unfortunately we live in a world where there are more factors which create ill-health than promote good health. In today’s world ill-health has become the norm and one has to struggle to maintain health.

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease” – Voltaire

Western Medicine is a necessary part of our medical care. It’s primary task is to treat “Pathology”. What is pathology you may ask? If recovery from an illness has been suppressed or mis-managed for many years, the body undergoes physical changes, changes which no longer allows Physis the opportunity to heal the illness. Structural changes then produces functional dysfunction which without the aid of drugs or surgery will lead to death. Physis cannot help in this situation.

However many acute and chronic disorders are “Physiological” and providing Physis is “unblocked” these conditions can be resolved and the patient’s health returned to normal.

So the first consultation is to establish whether Physis is able to address the health issue, whether Physis is “blocked” and what is necessary to “open” the body allowing Physis to restore “ease” where there is “dis-ease”

To help understand what happens at a consultation I will present the Asklepion Centre Holistic Health Check and THREE consultations and their diagnoses and treatment.


The Asklepion Centre Holistic Health Check

Whether you are ill, beginning to feel ill or well and want to remain well, the Asklepion Centre Holistic Health Check is for you.

The programme consists of:

  • Live Blood Analysis to determine your toxic load, efficacy of your detoxification system, lymphatic system, digestive system, allergies/food intolerance, nervous system, unresolved emotional traumas, interference fields and holograms.
  • Structural Check using Osteopathic Medicine and Digital Thermography to determine leg length differences, scoliosis, spinal misalignment, cranial distortions in baby through birthing traumas, joint and muscle dysfunction and much more…
  • Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is used to do a complete internal organ/brain/teeth scan, heavy metals, interference fields (scars and teeth) and allergies
  • Dietetics looks at tempero-humoral imbalances, allergies/food intolerance to over 200 common foods (both chemically and emotionally), fat to muscle ratios in all limbs and thorax, BMI, body water content and general health index.
CASE 1: Sciatica

Patient complains of low back pain radiating into the right leg and down to the toes. This has been a problem for 6 months during which time they have had a MRI showing a budging disc and a diagnosis of sciatica. The recommended treatment by the orthopaedist would be surgery. They have come to the Asklepion Centre for a “second” opinion before consenting to surgery.

The diagnosis will be ascertained through osteopathic/orthopaedic assessment and digital thermography. If there is minimal inprovement after the first treatment then other diagnostic modalities will be used to assess the blockage to healing. Treatment may include prolotherapy, osteopathic medicine, neural therapy or hijama

Case 2: Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Patient attends the Centre complaining of Type 2 Diabetes. anxiety and panic attacks for the last 6 years.

Diabetes can be a result of structural imbalance (Osteopathic Medicine), tempero-houmeral imbalance (Live Blood Analysis), unresolved RESISTANCE emotional conflict (a resistance conflict is a strong opposition against a person (parent, stepparent, sibling, relative, spouse, teacher, colleague, supervisor, doctor), against a situation (at work, at home, at school, in a relationship), against an institution (school, church, hospital, government, political regime), against decisions made over one’s head, or being forced to do something against one’s will. Children suffer the conflict at an early age, when they resist daycare, kindergarten, or school, or when they strongly oppose what they are told to do (German New Medicine).

Case 3: Functional Infertility

Patient presents at the Centre complaining of the inability to achieve pregnancy even though all tests on both partners show no problems.

Functional infertility implies that the opening of the cervix which allows the sperm to enter the uterus is mechanical blocked through pelvic imbalance.

Causes can be lack of female orgasm (orgasm released a mucoid plug with int cervix, leg length difference, pelvic/uterine obliquity.

Diagnostic tests would include osteopathic medicine, autonomic response testing, live blood anaylsis.

Treatment may involve prolotherapy, osteopathic manipulation, dietetics, German New Medicine.