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Making a choice in the management of you healthcare is one of the major decisions you will ever have to make. The media propaganda makes it seem that you have no choice. That there is only one path, one that leads to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery. Is that the path you want to follow or is there a more natural path? One that understands you, your pains, your emotions, your needs – one that recognises you as a person and not as a disease name. Greek Medicine Practitioners offers you that CHOICE.

Everyone is different and usually has a different reason for their illness. Traditional Greek Medicine (TGM) does NOT assign a “disease” name to a collection of signs and symptoms. For many patients the “disease” name becomes a death-sentence which they often carry with them until they leave the earth. The patient loses their individuality and becomes the “asthmatic”, the “diabetic” or the “rheumatic”. These names do NOT exist in TGM which is a patient-centred rather than a disease-centred healthcare system.

Dis-sease to Pathology through the Bodies

Spiritual Body

The highest level of being – your connection with God. This is the most personal level attained through prayer and meditation. As doctors we do not enter this area of healing.

Celestial Body

As the name suggests we are working with the planetary influences not only as it affects the Earth but also our bodies. Medicial Astrology has been used for 0ver 5000 years as a way to determine your temperament, humoural imbalance, predisposition to illness, weaknesses within the body 

Mind Body

The is the house of “unresolved emotional traumas.” The things you should have said but didn’t and now it’s too late. The words you had to swallow because of partner domination. That “unexpected event” that is never “digested.” That separation/loss that makes your “skin” peel.

Bio-Energetic Body

The effects of geopathic stress, negative cosmic forces, microwaves, EMFs, 4/5G mobile phone radiation, Wi-Fi etc on the biological frequencies and cells of the body. 

Physiological Body

The homeostatic control of the functions of the body through circulatory, hormonal and neural regulation of the body.

Pathological Body

Irreversible tissue changes in the body as a result of neglect/mismanagement of the imbalances in the other bodies. This body is usually under the domain of Western Medical Practitioners (WMP) employing drugs, surgery or radiation.