Meet the Faculty Members

Dr Barrie Oldham ND DO MRN

Principal & Clinician
My Background
Originally trained in Pharmacy I worked in several hospitals in the National Health Service before being introduced to a lay preacher who was, in those days, called a “bone-setter”. I saw him manipulate painful joints which I assumed, through my medical training, were inflamed and watched the patient stand and walk around free of pain. I suddenly realised that pushing hundreds of anti-inflammatory medications over the pharmacy counter was counter-productive to the patient’s recovery and decided, I too, would like to learn these manipulative techniques.
My Under-Graduate Education
I started my first year of a six year course in 1987 at the COET in London studying both osteopathic and naturopathic medicine. After graduating in 1993 I co-founded, along with my wife, The Rosegarth Clinic in Mansfield, Notts. Over several years it became a multi-discipline centre which gave me the financial freedom to continue my osteopathic training in Missouri and New England in the United States.
My Post Graduate Education
After leaving the UK in 2000 I opened the first Orthopathic Medical Centre in Europe under the auspices of Dr Stephen Typaldos, an American Osteopathic Physician and founder of Orthopathic Medicine. In 2003 the Clinic moved to its much larger current location and renamed The Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine. From that year I traveled the world searching for answers to questions which my training didn’t provide.

I studied Medical Acupuncture with Julian Kenyon Southampton UK, Homotoxicology in London UK, Biopuncture with Dr Jan Kersscot in Boom, Belgium, German New Medicine with Carolin Markolin, Austria, Autonomic Response Testing and Neural Therapy with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt Seattle, USA, Prolotherapy with Dr Kent L. Pomeroy, Phoenix USA, Microscopy with BioMedX, Chicago,USA, Neural Therapy with Dr Mathias Dosch Munich, Germany, BioFaceLift with Dr Damir Shakambet, London UK., Medical Astrology and Astroherbalism with Sajah Popham, USA and Unani Tibb with Prof Rashid Bhikha, of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb, who established the training of Unani-Tibb at the University of Western Cape, South Africa

I am regulated by:

General Council and Register of Naturopaths (UK),

European Fascial Distortion Model Association (EFDMA)

Associação E Registo Dos Osteopatas de Portugal (AROP)

International Advisory Board (Unani Medicine), Aligarh University, INDIA

I am currently on the board of lecturers of the Academy for Homotoxicology UK, member of the International Advisory Board (Unani Medicine), Aligarh University, INDIA, a guest lecturer on Orthopathic Medicine at the Scuola Italiana di Osteopatia, Padua Italy and Principal of the Asklepion School in Athens, Greece. I also travel the world by invitation to treat patients.

My Interests
My interests are quite extensive ranging from the down-to-earth aspects of running an organic farm and medical retreat ( to the more esoteric studies of medieval medical astrology, astroherbalism, alchemy and dowsing. Squeezed between these interests lies my desire for teaching, writing (currrently integrating the works of Hippocrates, Galen, Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and Nicholas Culpeper), adventure holidays and travelling to remote parts of the Earth.

Prof. Rashid Bhikha BSc (Pharm), PhD (UWC)

Advisor in Tibb


After qualifying as a pharmacist in 1969, I established Be-Tabs Pharmaceuticals in 1974, building it up to become the largest privately-owned manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals in South Africa. In 1992, my Tibb journey began when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with fibrosing alveolitis and a prognosis of not living more than six months. As a pharmacist, dealing with such a traumatic illness made me realise, that whilst Western Medicine has made great strides in technological advancements especially with regards to diagnostic procedures and emergency care, there was limited understanding of the cause of disease and obviously what treatment could be offered.

This experience was the catalyst to research a health system that has a better understanding of not only treatment methods, but also the ‘cause/s’ of illness/es. After years of research into different philosophies of healthcare, I rediscovered the contribution of the founders of medicine, Hippocrates, Galen and Ibn Sina, who perfected an approach to a theory and practice of medicine, which over the centuries has been known by different names, such as, Greco-Arab medicine, Western herbal medicine, Unani medicine and simply as Tibb.

In 1994, in order to research and study the philosophy of Tibb, I met with Hakim Mohamed Said of Hamdard University in Pakistan for academic support. Inspired by the legacy of Hakim Said, and after attending training in Unani-Tibb for healthcare professionals designed by Hamdard University, I established the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb and the South African Tibb Association in 1997, to promote the training and practice of Tibb in South Africa.

Tibb in South Africa

In order to introduce Tibb in South Africa, three tasks had to be achieved. Firstly, official recognition of Unani-Tibb with the South African Department of Health was imperative. This was achieved in September 2001, when Unani-Tibb was included as the eleventh modality under the auspices of the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa together with, amongst others Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.

Secondly, the inclusion of Unani-Tibb medication as one of the categories of Complementary medicine with the Medicine Control Council of South Africa had to be initiated. This was accomplished in July 2002. Finally, the establishing of official training of Unani-Tibb doctors had to be realised. This was achieved in the 2003 academic year at the University of the Western Cape (UWC)’s School of Natural Medicine (SoNM), where I established and was responsible for the training at both a Postgraduate and an Undergraduate level. Also in 2003, I enrolled for my Phd entitled: African Renaissance in Health Education: Developing an Integrative Programme of Unani-Tibb Training for Health Care Professionals in Southern Africa. The Phd, which I completed in 2004, was based on planning, developing, implementing and assessment of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Unani-Tibb.

For more information on the various activities of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb and the South African Tibb Association kindly visit the respective websites: ,

Training of Unani-Tibb Doctors

To ensure that the training of Unani-Tibb at UWC was in keeping with international standards, Dr Abdul Haq was seconded from Hamdard Pakistan in 1998 to assist with curriculum development in South Africa. This was further supported with Dr Mohammad Khalid Siddiqui, former Director General of the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), and the late Prof Anis Ansari, former Advisor of the Central Council of Indian Medicine both under the auspices of the Ministry of AYUSH, Department of Health and Welfare, Government of India.

Before the training of Unani-Tibb at UWC commenced, in November 2002, a review of the training material was conducted. The review committee included Prof Jamil Ahmad from Jamia Hamdard University, India, and Prof Hakim Abdul Hannan from Hamdard University, Pakistan. A second Curriculum Review Workshop was held in May 2010 with participation from representatives from local universities; University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Cape Peninsula University of Technology as well as academics from Hamdard University, Pakistan, and Jamia Hamdard and Aligarh Muslim University from India.

The signing of a memorandum of association, between the Institute and The Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine for the establishment of The Asklepion School of Tibb, has been a stimulus to review the current training modules of Unani-Tibb doctors at the University of the Western Cape, in light of latest research and current medical information. To this end, the Institute has completed a draft of a reference textbook entitled “The Philosophical Principles of Tibb”, which has already been reviewed by international experts, and will soon be published and distributed by Lambert Academic Publishing in Germany

Our Vision for the School

In keeping with the vision of the Institute and having walked the Tibb path for more than 25 years, I am indeed grateful to Dr Barrie Oldham for giving me the opportunity to be part of this exciting initiative. Being aware of the healthcare challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, I have no doubt that integrating the philosophical principles of Tibb with the current technological advancement will go a long way in reducing the burden of disease and improving Quality of Life. The graduates completing this program will be the emissaries to make this vision a reality. I am looking forward to the training sessions beginning in September this year. God bless.

Mr Marinos Paraslevopoulos

School & Clinic Administrator
My Background

Since I was a child I had a passion: knowledge. As I was growing, I realized that the typical educational methods teach me lies and fear and take me away from knowledge and freedom. This realization was the tinder for an indefinite search of truth and for a willingness to create infrastructures for its rehabilitation and dissemination.

Changes in my Life

In 2008, a serious health problem led me to two important acquaintances for the rest of my life: one with Dr Barrie Oldham and one with the “Playing School”. Dr Barrie helped, not only to restore my health, but also to restore inside me the truth about approaching health and body. The “Playing School” taught to penetrate to the core of education.

People in my Life

My education based on experience and being together with real teachers:

  • My first graduation was my birth which taught me the willing for surviving
  • My professional experience as a seller helped me to excel in psychology, methods of persuasion and communication
  • Aristotelis Petridis (Architect): aesthetics of space and life
  • Manolis Sardis (Managing director): management and administration
  • Antonis Koutroubis (Performer): the body as the main carrier of existence
  • Nikos Sinatsakis (Healer) introduced me to temper and observation
  • Alexander Elion (Healer): meditation
  • Barrie Oldham (a friendly doctor): the magic
  • Manto Kouretzi (Theater-educator), Stelios Vages (Theater-educator), Panagiotis Kiritsis (Theater-educator): the core of education through playing – open mind, open heart
  • Children: the love
My Interests

I adore the beauties of this world, the combination of nature and human. The point where the theatre meets the daily human stories and the art bows to the glory of the nature. I love sun, sea and children’s smiles.